Clinical trial search tips

For the best results in searching open and enrolling clinical trials, please review these helpful tips.

  • In the keyword search box, enter a word or phrase such as a medical condition, type of treatment or drug. The keyword search scans every word of the clinical trial title, details and description.

  • In keyword and global site searches, use quotation marks to search for a phrase that has more than one word. For instance, “breast cancer” will return results that mention breast cancer. Entering breast cancer (without quotation marks) will yield results that contain the word “breast,” “cancer” or “breast cancer.”

  • Additional trial search fields allow you to filter search results by clinical program, condition/disease, location, facility, brand and/or principal investigator. Please note that none of the search fields are required.

  • If you search by clinical program, you have the option to refine results by condition/disease. Choose from the dropdown list.

  • Location lets you search by state. You have the option of narrowing results by selecting a facility. Choose from the dropdown list.

  • If your search generates too many results, adjust your search terms or use more filters.

  • If your search produces no results, your search may be too specific. Expand your search by clearing one or more fields.