A breakdown of breakthroughs

We are pursuing exciting “first in human” research across a range of specialties. More than 55 percent of our research focuses on cancer. Neurosciences and cardiovascular health each make up about 10 percent. The remaining 25 percent covers specialties including, but not limited to, liver and kidney transplant, and women’s health.

SpecialtiesStrength in numbers

We care for 30,000 new cancer patients and 35,000 cardiovascular patients each year. Those numbers, merely a small part of a larger story, dwarf the volumes seen at many high-profile medical centers. Thanks to our sheer size, we can harness the power of statistics and data registries to better care for a diverse group of patients.

Location, location, location

Participating in our clinical trials gives patients access to more than just care. Providence offers a network of clinical and physician expertise across five states: Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California and Montana. Such a far-reaching system gives communities in outlying areas access to the latest therapies and clinical trials close to home.